Sunday, 27 September 2009

Pictures of my day out with thomas and at the play barn

Cakes for school.

Here are the cakes my mummy and grandma helped me make for school . They had little pig faces on . Chocolate pigs are my brothers favourite sweets.

My lovely things from little myz.

Samantha is my friend she is 4 like me and she likes to make cards too. I got these lovely things from her today. I will be able to make lots of things now.

My no cake birthday cake.

Here is my birthday cake and it was made from sweeties and had no cake in it. It had marshmallows and foam bananas and foam shrimps and jelly beans and strawberry bon bons and chocolate drops with sprinkles and mushrooms and strawberry laces and lots more. It is yummy .

Friday, 25 September 2009

My beautiful princess card

Here is my lovely card with a princess. I think i'm a very lucky girl and mrs benoit my teacher said i am too. She is jealous of my beautiful hat. she said she told Mr benoit she wants a hat and he's mean he won't buy one.


Here is my lovely fairy from rainmac . It takes a long time to stitch things and you have to be careful with the needles cos grandma told me when flourgirl stitched me one. I think they are very clever ladies. Here is a lovely surprise rainmac sent me too.

My Lovely hat like auntie jennies.

Auntie Jennie sent me a parcel for my birthday and when i opened it i saw a beautiful hat like auntie jennie's. It made me cry because i think it is beautiful. Auntie Jennie is a special lady because it takes a long time to stitch things and she put lots of beautiful things on for me. Butterflies too which i like a lot. I let my little sister try it on too because she was pointing in the box and patting her head. She has to sign to us because her ears don't work properly and i have been learning how to sign too. My teacher says i am a clever girl signing and i sometimes have to tell the teacher what carly is signing.

Birthday cards

Here are my cards i got from the lovely ladies at mse . Flourgirl sent me the beautiful princess castle i like princesses. Marg sent me some lovely cats i like cats but grandma is scared of Rainmac made me a beautiful fairy with a kicking k like in my name Kaitlyn. and Samantha ( Little Myz ) sent me one with a yummy cake i love cakes my mummy made me some with chocolate pigs on to take to school . yum yum

Monday, 21 September 2009

Get well card from joshua

Here is my lovely get well card from joshua. It has a lovely squishy teddy on just like my teddy. I had a bad earache and it made me cry but i'm feeling much better now. I have to take my medicine and it is yeuch.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

card for thomas's birthday

here is the card i made for my friend thomas's birthday .